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gone fishin’

Ka u ki Matanuku
Ka u ki Matarangi
Ka u ki tenei whenua
Hei whenua,
He kai mau te ate o te tauhou.

I arrive where an unknown earth is under my feet,
I arrive where a new sky is above me,
I arrive at this land,
A resting-place for me.
O spirit of the earth! The stranger humbly offers his heart as food for thee.

– Māori traveller’s prayer

I love to travel: whether it be along a new bus route, or to a place where I am the darkest-skinned person within a hundred mile radius.

Growing up as an immigrant in another man’s land accustomed me to being the odd one out in a crowd; but my parents’ encouragement to go out and see what the world offered taught me not to let that stop me from exploring the weird and wonderful destinations available.

My backpack and I have trekked many miles; spent the night in a variety of (often) dodgy places and met a kaleidoscope of people whose company and suggestions have led to many a memorable occasion.

I have found that I produce a lot of work when travelling: whether that’s because I have done most of it on my own or because the fresh air stirs the imaginative juices, I’ll never know.

An interesting development occurred when I made my first trip to New Zealand in 2003 – I ended up emailing a small group of friends and family, tales of my adventures!
This was a big deal for me as I’m the kind of person who returns from a trip holding postcards I intended to post: and being the shameless person I am, would happily hand them over to their intended recipients (sometimes with a blank back).

I’d be interested in your opinions on my travel writing as it has been something I have enjoyed doing, and would appreciate your feedback on developing my writing style in this area.


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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

13 thoughts on “gone fishin’

  1. I feel like many of my own, expanded, journeys began in New Zealand- and I love that Maori prayer. Kiwis embody the spirit of travel: open-minded, generous and curious, I hope you enjoyed your experiences there…

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