New Zealand ’03: October 12, 2003

Dear Sir and To Whom It May Concern –

I thank you for your delightful comments about the lyricism contained in my last correspondence with you all.  I must say that I was feeling the spirit of Wordsworth when I pieced that one together and hope to reach a similar pinnacle of verbiage at another point in my life.

In the meantime, I write to inform you that myself and my travel companion (the Jewish wandering gnome), have arrived safely in New Zealand. 

Following an interesting flight … twenty-five hours or thereabouts … after the first twenty hours, one quite forgets to care exactly about flight duration … we have arrived in this land of sheep and rainbows (or so Mam’selle Heather informs me).

I am still recovering from the jet lag and the experience of having a child continuously kick me in the back of my chair approximately every twenty seconds for a period lasting no shorter than nine hours.

I felt truly aggrieved by this ill treatment and at one point, reached the stage of wanting to kill me a child.

This episode further demonstrated for me the need to regularly beat children: it is the only way they will learn good and decent manners.

The adventuring starts tomorrow and so when we have undertaken some activities, I shall endeavour to forward postcards of amusing scenes which will not make sense to you as you have not been here.

In the meantime, I send love and extra blankets to keep you warm whilst I am apart from you.

As always,

Lady McWog™ (Fatigued)

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