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Motivated … and sh!t

Alrighty!! I’ve decided to try my hand at the art of “blogging”. To do this, I am introducing a section called “… and sh!t“. First time round, so it’ll be a learning experience for all of us ;-).

To find out more, check out: Blogging … and sh!t

Post entries under this section

  1. Blogging … and sh!t
  2. Opening Chapter to My Autobiography
  3. The Sound Of Music
  4. Letter to My 14-Year Old Self
  5. A New Year’s Resolution
  6. Happy New Year, peeps
  7. Like A Slap In The Face With A Wet Fish
  8. You Lost Me At “Embedding A Map”
  9. That Summer Seemed To Last Forever
  10. Starting Over
  11. Her. In Detail
  12. A Picture-Perfect Moment
  13. Books – the ideal life
  14. Milestone :: 3 Months
  15. re.tired
  16. Retirement 101
  17. First Contact
  18. If Your Universe Has No Moon …
  19. Genuine Smiles
  20. 2AM Photo
  21. Iconic
  22. A Person, A Place, A Thing
  23. Ultimate Night Out
  24. The Stink of Chronic Illness
  25. First Blog Award
  26. Milestone :: 6 Months
  27. Culinary Delights
  28. I Am A Marvel
  29. Spastic (the economical version)
  30. Bucket List
  31. In Memoriam
  32. Crippled Conversations
  33. Notification of Temporary Blog Closure
  34. Milestone :: 1 Year
  35. Seven Words
  36. Seeking Forgiveness
  37. The Art of Healing
  38. Happy New Year
  39. The Best of MightWar: 2013 Edition
  40. Close Encounters: Part 1
  41. Close Encounters: Part 2
  42. Mouse Trapped
  43. Let’s Play A Game
  44. Mute
  45. Hospital Admission
  46. Hospital Admission Extended
  47. Endure. Breathe. (Repeat)
  48. Freshly Pressed Wheelchair
  49. The Best of MightWar: 2014 Edition
  50. A Farewell to The Giant



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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

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