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Blogging … and sh!t

OK. So I took my brother-from-another-mother’s advice and set up this site to “share” my writing. This meant that after walking round WordPress, I decided to go ahead and set up a website.

I mean, it’s not like I’m doing much these days.

Besides convulsing, throwing up, freaking people out and trying really, really hard to keep soiling myself down to a once-a-week performance, my diary’s pretty empty.

There then followed a couple of weeks of wrestling with the computer to make it do what the Support pages said it should do.




Technology hates me.

This is a (repeatedly) proven fact. We have a mutual distrust-bordering-on-dislike of each other and this part of the experience generally involved me cussing and/or glaring at the machine and its accompanying software.

In response, the computer stuck its middle finger up at me and refused to do as commanded. [I am your master, damn it! You shall do as I decree … or not *sigh*]

This is something I have come to accept about the combination of me and computers.
I am a competently intelligent human being and am quite good at following instructions, it’s just that technology likes to f!ck with me.

This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I spent computer lessons at school playing “Worm” … or catching up on my Physics homework.
I blame the teacher, as he was tediously boring – so much so, that I can’t even recall his name!

Even so, I managed to create a site and then launched MightWar into cyberspace (Hoorah and Yea, Me!!).

The main learning points from this experience?

  1. Yes, technology does in fact hate me – whatever its manifestation;

  3. My typing speed has declined climatically since becoming sick; and

  5. It’s really hard to swear with a speech impediment! Who knew?

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to my neighbours for my language during this time: it’s hard enough living next door to a woman who makes loud, peculiar noises at all hours of the day and night, without her adding expletives into the mix!



So this week, I have been taking time out to look around what else is happening out in the blogosphere and familiarising myself with new terms, concepts and other blogs. And what an experience it has been!

I have been introduced to blogs whose design made me froth at the mouth with jealousy as their layouts were a thing of beauty. There is just no way that I’m gonna be able to make my computer produce such results without resorting to some underhanded means (Does anyone know if it is possible to get a computer drunk?); blogs that drove me to write new pieces (see: Words Fall From My Eyes) and one whose introduction made me shout-laugh: resulting in half-masticated cookie crumbs being spewed across the keyboard and half the desk.

Lordie, Lordie, but this has been a real learning curve. Who knew that blogging could be so many things at once?

But the thing coming out of this is that it’s made me want to write more.

I mean, my writing has pretty much taken a back seat these last three and a half years – what with working, studying and then contracting an affliction that puzzles medical professionals.

So I’ve decided to try my hand at this “blogging” malarkey. And that’s what the “… and sh!t” section of the site will be about: finding a new way of playing with words and (hopefully) giving me a small task to complete each week that keeps me “sticking and colouring” to my heart’s content.

Thanks so much, Mr.T. Your suggestion has brought a new possibility into my life.  Love you “big much”.


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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

8 thoughts on “Blogging … and sh!t

  1. Good luck for this new section in your blog. Are you new in blogging? I don’t think so. You expressed your thoughts and ideas well, unlike me, who is really a newbie when it comes to this.

    Good luck and keep writing!

  2. You launched on my birthday! I wish I had known then – it would have been an awesome birthday present to read your wonderful writing. I was introduced to you by your comment on my blog, and then, from curiosity, I went and visited you and saw “spastic and shi!t”. Oh my lord. It was the first LONG blog that I have ever sat and read in it’s entirety with complete interest the entire time PLUS a short film! I am usually pretty good with the written word but I can’t begin to describe how sad I am for you that your body has betrayed you in such a way. I can’t begin to imagine how frustrated you must feel every time you have a spasm. I can’t even start to think how debilitating and embarassing it must be for you to deal with this sh!t on a daily basis. And, worst of all, you know every frickin minute of it that it’s happening. It’s not like alzheimers where you kinda don’t even remember what has happened or forget who you used to be. You are still YOU and still an amazing person!

    When watching your spastic blog, I couldn’t quite comprehend that the person in that video was the same one who wrote that long and eloquent post. Well done for conquering the mountain that is WordPress! (ain’t it a bitch!) I’ve been fumbling my way around wordpress since about August 2012 now, with the help of a friend who lives in Sweden. (she types me the occasional “how to” instructions and sends them to me via FB). I can’t believe how awesome your blog looks. You must have spent a good amount of time thinking about how you want it to be. My blog is okay, but yeah, I agree – there are some out there that are just drool-worthy, aren’t there!

    Well, I think you are an amazing person, and I truly pray (even though I am not religious) for a cure for your miserable illness that really ought just f#*k the hell off and bother someone else. Or no one ever in the first place. Thank you for sharing everything with us I look forward to reading your new blog posts.

    With much love from Australia. xo

    1. Hello strawberryquicksand and Happy belated Birthday.

      WordPress has been a revelation. I like “sticking and colouring” and so played around a lot with themes and colours that I thought best suited me. I used elements I liked from those astoundingly formatted blogs as inspiration and treated myself to the Custom Design upgrade because I really wanted my canvas to be something I enjoyed crafting onto. I rather like the finished product and am glad that you like it too.

      How jammy are you to have a friend who sends instructions? It would be nice to have such a consultant in learning and using this technology.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It was an experience writing the spastic post (it took me about a week in all ) and when I watched the finished video back for the first time, I cried. But this is my reality at the moment and I felt that I HAD TO express it. Now when people ask for updates on my health, I just direct them to the post as it says everything that needs to be said.

      Much love being returned to you from London. Thank you for spending time with my words and for commenting. Here’s to sharing the blogging adventure. Wishing you a wonder-filled 2013.

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