The Listening Booth: Week #1

“I got sunshine, on a cloudy day.”

Hello and Happy Friday to you, dear reader.

Welcome to Week #1 of The Listening Booth. In this series of posts, I intend to share tracks from my music collection. On Fridays of each week, I’ll post 10 songs for your aural pleasure. They may be fun or whimsical, classics or little-known; tracks you know by people you don’t and people you know doing tracks you may not be familiar with.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. The 10 songs offered for your musical delectation will be from across a mix of genres.
  2. I will attempt not to repeat artists or bands at any time over the next 52 weeks.

Wish me luck.


Title: Dead Man Walking (A Dream Like This)
Artist: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Album: Dead Man Walking OST

A beautiful and haunting track from a powerful and thought-provoking film. Mary’s voice is so crystal clear it imbues the song with added melancholy about the human condition.



Title: Bizness
Artist: tUnE-yArDs
Album: W H O K I L L

This song was left on my youngest sister’s Facebook page by a friend of hers. I listened, loved it … and then bought all the albums by the band and haven’t looked back since. I mean, they sound like a playmate come to call: how could I possibly resist?



Title: I Like Your Style
Artist: Michael Crawford & Deborah Grant
Album: Barnum (Original London Cast)

This is by far the better recording of this musical as far as I’m concerned. Just a fun song about the differences we have to acknowledge in making a relationship work.



Title: Phenomenon
Artist: LL Cool J
Album: Phenomenon

It’s that beat – it’s infectious.



Title: Ragoo
Artist: Kings of Leon
Album: Because Of The Times

It started with hair. That’s what first drew me to Kings of Leon. Hair. Yes, I know that I’m a strange one, but such things have led me to some beautiful music over the years. I just love the way they use their instruments to add vocal depth to their music. Now if only I could get to see them live …



Title: Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves
Artist: Chér
Album: Greatest Hits 1965-1992

Forget the scary plastic surgery and over-the-top outfits. Focus on the voice, and you’ll see just how good she can be.



Title: Young Folks
Artist: Peter Bjorn and John
Album: Writer’s Block

One of a number of Swedish bands that bring me joy. Just put your lips together and blow…



Title: Lucky Star
Artist: Odyssey
Album: The Greatest Hits

It’s too easy to forget just how good these people are. Do yourself a favour and grab an album of theirs – your ears will thank you for it.



Title: Hob El Koun
Artist: Ahmed Ragab
Album: [Not Known]

I do not know a single word of Arabic, so I have no idea what this song is about. But I like it; yes I do. And I was stunned to find it on youtube!



Title: Sparks
Artist: Röyksopp
Album: Melody A.M.

One of those songs that linger in the memory – mainly because it takes the mind a while to journey back from it. This track regularly shows up on compilations I make for friends and family.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Aural pleasure or just a load of noise? Share your thoughts on this week’s selection in the Comment Box below.

To add a little spice

This post opened with a song lyric. Can you identify the song and artist/band from which the lyrics are taken? No Googling now!
Use the Comment Box below to submit your answer. All will be revealed in next week’s post.

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6 thoughts on “The Listening Booth: Week #1

  1. That Bizness song? AARRGHHH! Drove me bonkers and I only got a tenth of the way through! lol. I like the concept, but the reality did my head in. lol

    1. Sorry, couldn’t help chuckling at your comment. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s what is so wonderful about music; there’s just so many forms to it. There are tracks in my music collection that I can only listen to when I am in certain moods and can’t stand at any other time. I hope you found something you liked in the midst of all the randomness.

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