The Listening Booth: Week #3

“ I’m invited in for coffee, And I give the dog a bone.”

Hello and Happy Friday to you, dear reader.

Welcome to Week #3 of The Listening Booth. You should be getting used to how this series of posts runs now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this week’s music choices.
To participate, share your thoughts on this week’s selection or submit your answers to the song lyric quiz and music trivia quiz questions in the Comment Box below.

Answer to last week’s song lyric quiz:
Title: Tubthumping
Artist: Chumbawumba

Congratulations balloon

Congratulations to strawberryquicksand for being so quick on the uptake.



Title: Too Close
Artist: Alex Clare
Album: The Lateness Of The Hour

Let the base hit you and go with it.



Title: Diary
Artist: Alicia Keys
Album: Unplugged

My favourite Alicia Keys track.



Title: Roll It Gal
Artist: Alison Hinds
Album: Soca Queen

A dancehall favourite – and great for doing housework to.



Title: Gravity
Artist: Alison Krauss & Union Station
Album: Lonely Runs Both Ways

Crystal-clear vocals over a beautiful melody. And possibly the best definition of the travelling bug I’ve come across.



Title: Breezeblocks
Artist: ∆ (pronounced Alt-J)
Album: An Awesome Wave

I was recently introduced to this band by my sister. I just love the quality of his voice.



Title: I Know It Hurts
Artist: Alter Bridge
Album: AB III

The perfect go-to guys for some heavy rock.



Title: Don’t Cross The River
Artist: America
Album: History – America’s Greatest Hits

Perfect travelling music.



Title: Violin
Artist: Amos Lee
Album: Mission Bell

Yummy voice skipping in and out of lovely melodies. You need this album for those days when you just want to hear some all-round good music.



Title: Masr 2Alet
Artist: Amr Diab
Album: [Not Known]

This track makes me think of expanding spaces and deep breaths.



Title: Know You Now
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Frank

Jazz updated for the 21st century – classic and contemporary at the same time. It’s a pity we’ve missed out on experiencing just where she would have taken her talent; but I for one am glad that we got to taste some of it.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Aural pleasure or just a load of noise? Share your thoughts on this week’s selection in the Comment Box below.

To add a little spice

This post opened with a song lyric. Can you identify the song and artist/band from which the lyrics are taken? No Googling now!
Use the Comment Box below to submit your answer. All will be revealed in next week’s post.

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