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I am tired of being afraid:
Of hiding who I am because others might be surprised by it;
Of dampening this intensity that I feel deep within me.

I want it to erupt,
Swelling up to crash like a wave on the shore of my life.
I want to startle those who think they know me by finally showing the
Passion that drives me.

To spin out this thing –
Raw and blazing as it is.
And throwing caution,
Fling open my arms to say:

This is it

This is what I am

Accept or reject it.

And for a time, leave them to struggle with the decision
To love or fear it as I have done these many years.

SO TELL ME: What do you think of this piece?

  • Did it engage you?
  • Does the meaning come across? Are there any images or lines you don’t understand or find unclear?
  • Are there obvious errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar?
  • Do you have any suggestions for revision?

Please be brutally honest in your assessments – good, bad or indifferent.
I don’t scare easily; and I really do want to hear what YOU have to say about my work.

Many thanks in advance for your time and your criticism.

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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

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