The Listening Booth: Week #5

“You got a heart of glass or a heart of stone. Just you wait till I get you home.”

Hello and Happy Friday to you, dear reader.

Welcome to Week #5 of The Listening Booth.
Hello? Hello? Is this thing working? Just checking. Hey there. No, don’t look behind you, I am talking to you. Thank you for “liking” this, but I was hoping to use this series of posts to start some discussions on music. Don’t just press the Like This button, tell me more. Things like

  • What you liked and what you didn’t
  • Did you recognise the tracks, or were some new to you?
  • Does my taste in music match your own or does it horrify you?
  • You could even have a go at guessing the song lyric

Someone. Anyone. Please talk to me, because I’m starting to feel like a right Billy No Mates in here. Thank you please. 🙂

Answer to last week’s song lyric quiz:
Title: All Right Now
Artist: Free


Title: Águas De Março (Waters Of March)
Artist: Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina
Album: Elis & Tom

I like the to and fro of this song. The fact that the musicians are obviously enjoying their work adds such joy to the whole listening experience.



Title: Home And The Heartland
Artist: Anúna
Album: Riverdance: Music From The Show

Just. Listen.



Title: Heliosphan
Artist: Aphex Twin
Album: Selected Ambient Works 85–92

Ambient music that you can either chill out or dance to: it really just depends on what mood you’re in when you press play.



Title: Springboard
Artist: The Arlenes
Album: Stuck On Love

I remember first hearing this song on the radio and just being drawn to the harmonies and the gentle, rolling beat of it.



Title: The Motorcycle Song
Artist: Arlo Guthrie
Album: Alice’s Restaurant

I have an attraction to motorcycles, so this song got my attention. That, and the artist’s first name. It’s just fun listening and yet seems to capture the 60s era.



Title: Raining Revolution
Artist: Arrested Development
Album: 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of…

This song reminds me of my university days and all the new adventures that came at that point of my life. The base gets me every time.



Title: Your Easy Part
Artist: Art Of Fighting
Album: Coastal Chill 05

This album is one of the many I purchased during my travels around New Zealand and Australia; that in turn, became the soundtrack to the whole experience. It makes me think of riding in the car with the windows rolled down, the road stretching out enticingly before us and marvelling at the passing landscape.



Title: Dolphin Song
Artist: Ash Grunwald
Album: Live At The Corner

Let him tell you the story – he’s better at it than I am.



Title: Private Sunshine
Artist: Ashley Slater
Album: Ashley Slater’s BigLounge

I loved this track on first listening because the singer sounds like a male Nina Simone.



Title: Heat Of The Moment
Artist: Asia
Album: Asia

A classic 80s track that still rocks.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Aural pleasure or just a load of noise? Share your thoughts on this week’s selection in the Comment Box below.

To add a little spice

This post opened with the song lyric “You got a heart of glass or a heart of stone. Just you wait till I get you home.”. Can you identify the song and artist/band from which the lyrics are taken? No Googling now!
Use the Comment Box below to submit your answer. All will be revealed in next week’s post.

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5 thoughts on “The Listening Booth: Week #5

  1. Hmmmm… comments! Lol. I overdid my internet download last month and got slowed so I don’t want to do that again! I first thought of Blondie when I saw the opening lyrics but I don’t think I’m correct on that one. I love faster tracks, that have melodies and harmonies… I am not into slow dirges or lovesongs unless they are REALLY amazing. 🙂

    1. I didn’t even notice that this week’s selection were all slow numbers until your comment. There are more livelier ones in next week’s that should get you bopping around the room.

  2. Alright!
    First of all, I started by reading through the words on your post.
    Then I clicked the like button.
    What I liked?
    Your creativity, your clarity of purpose and your passion for music.
    I love traditional jazz music and mordern jazz. I love dancing to naija jamz.
    Which of your tracks did I listen to?
    None yet, but who knows? I’ve been keeping my eyes busy.
    The “like” button is the best link, I like to click. That’s me. People are different, or I should say; unique! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comments teeceecounsel,

      I am happy enough with people ‘liking’, but I wanted to see if I could generate more discussion if possible. 🙂

      And as for the Jazz, there will be some of that in the mix over the coming weeks – although my collection tends more to the traditional as it’s the stuff I grew up with.

      Naija jamz is not a phrase I’m familiar with. What does it entail?

  3. I am on my way out the door to work so I only got to listen/watch “Waters of March”. I did enjoy watching them.! I couldn’t understand a word of it, but I’ll come back from work tonight to at least watch that one again! 😉

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