Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

90 Mile Beach

Coming Home, New Zealand

Each time I see this land, I am renewed! The landscape never fails to lift my spirit. Travelling New Zealand is like relearning water. And the colour blue. You know these things, but not like this.

There is a marvel to behold with every outward breath: a contradiction to that which is understood or familiar. Like glaciers surrounded by dense rainforest; or lakes that extend for over 50 miles: escorting you from town to town to town in an unbroken line of shimmering blue that dazes and hypnotizes until you become forgetful of your destination and relent to being drawn to the water’s edge.

This place feels like a welcome made out of geography. I am blanketed by wood and rock and water in combinations so comforting and tender, that it feels like coming home.

I spend my days dancing along mountain tracks or exalting in translucent waters; I lose hours counting trees and dreaming amidst tall grasses; I roll down hills and scramble along slopes: and all this, with an inane grin on my face. Because the land sings to me; and I can’t help but sing back.
Each day I spend in this landscape leaves me feeling ever more blessed for having lived to reach my all-time destination. And blessed again to find it to be in reality, beyond all my imaginings.
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