The Listening Booth: Week #8

“What’s it gonna take to make a dream survive?”

Hello and Happy Friday to you, dear reader.

Welcome to Week #8 of The Listening Booth.

To participate, share your thoughts on this week’s selection or submit your answers to the song lyric quiz and music trivia quiz questions in the Comment Box below.

Answer to last week’s song lyric quiz:
Title: The Green Green Grass Of Home
Artist: Tom Jones
Congratulations balloon
Congratulations to fionagoffe for guessing correctly.


Title: Gracious
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Every Kingdom

The whole album is fabulous. The soft voice crooning out teasingly profound lyrics and tracks that grow and develop with every listen.



Title: Anon: De Benedictione Ramorum Et De Processione Cum Ramis Benedictis – Occurrunt Turbae
Artist: Benedictine Monks Of Münsterschwarzach
Album: The Tradition Of Gregorian Chant

I have loved Gregorian Chant for years. There’s something about the phrasing and rhythm of it that I find very restful and soothing. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but give it a chance.



Title: Serenata Notturna in D-dur, KV 239 – I. Marcia. Maestoso
Artist: Berliner Philharmoniker
Album: Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

A classical piece of music from my childhood years. You’ve probably heard parts of it before, but the whole collection is full of beautiful moments to be enjoyed over and over.



Title: Wish You Well
Artist: Bernard Fanning
Album: Tea & Sympathy

A fun, joyful track that reminds me of travelling.



Title: Well, Well (originally by Delaney & Bonney)
Artist: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
Album: Don’t Explain

A little Blues Rock that gets the feet tapping with little encouragement. And just listen to that guitar!



Title: Franklin Benedict
Artist: Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny
Album: Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose

Not what I was expecting to hear from my first impressions of the band’s name, but this little gem just builds and builds contagiously.



Title: Blood Red River
Artist: Beth Orton
Album: Central Reservation

Minimal instrumentation and simple vocals combine to give a haunting melody that washes over you as you listen.



Title: He Was Too Good To Me / Since You Stayed Here
Artist: Bette Midler
Album: Some People’s Lives

One of my favourite Bette tracks. It’s about starting over – or so I think.



Title: Baby Sitter
Artist: Betty Wright
Album: Betty Wright: The Platinum Collection

They just don’t write them like this anymore.



Title: Woman To Woman
Artist: Beverley Craven
Album: Beverley Craven

A testing point in any friendship, beautifully rendered into a feel good sing-along track.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Aural pleasure or just a load of noise? Share your thoughts on this week’s selection in the Comment Box below.

To add a little spice

This post opened with the song lyric “What’s it gonna take to make a dream survive?”. Can you identify the song and artist/band from which the lyrics are taken? No Googling now!
Use the Comment Box below to submit your answer. All will be revealed in next week’s post.

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