The Listening Booth: Week #10

“Unaware but underlined, I figured out this story. It wasn’t good. But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory.”

Hello and Happy Friday to you, dear reader.

Welcome to Week #10 of The Listening Booth.

To participate, share your thoughts on this week’s selection or submit your answers to the song lyric quiz and music trivia quiz questions in the Comment Box below.

Answer to last week’s song lyric quiz:
Title: We Are The Champions
Artist: Queen


Title: Me And Mrs. Jones
Artist: Billy Paul
Album: The Soul Album

The quintessential version of this song.



Title: Small Fry
Artist: Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer
Album: 100 Hits Legends: Bing Crosby

Let me start by saying that they just don’t write them like this anymore. No, seriously. Listen to the lyrics and tell me I’m wrong. Besides that, the comedic banter exchanged musically is just masterful. And before you ask, yes I genuinely listen to and enjoy this track. For another fine example, check out “The Spaniard That Blighted My Life” by Bing Crosby & Al Jolson.



Title: Joga
Artist: Björk
Album: Homogenic

This song has been used to commemorate some of the best and worst times of my life. No matter my mood, it’s guaranteed to hit me hard and hit me deep. It’s so beautiful; it brings me to the verge of tears every time that I hear it. My sister will tell you – this is my song! If you struggle with Björk’s music, I would recommend trying the Medúlla album because this woman is worth the effort. You’ll think differently, I promise you.



Title: She Talks To Angels
Artist: The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Money Maker

Part of the soundtrack to my adolescence (see LOST for details).



Title: Sister
Artist: The Black Keys
Album: El Camino

One of the bands that I was introduced to in 2012, this track is growing on me.



Title: Change
Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Album: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

I only found this band in the last year or so, but they do Hard Rock the way that I like it.



Title: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Artist: Black Uhuru
Album: Black Uhuru

When I think of Reggae, this is the kind of stuff that jumps straight to mind. Thank you Daddi, for sharing what you heard. Sweet tings indeed.



Title: One Way Or Another
Artist: Blondie
Album: Top Gear: Anthems 2008

Just one of those songs that you end up hearing in random places often enough for it to become familiar. I’m still undecided about whether I actually like it or not, but it gets played anyway. And some days, I kinda get it.



Title: Hate Me
Artist: Blue October
Album: Foiled

The more I hear it, the more I like.



Title: Simple Twist Of Fate
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Blood On The Tracks

Bob Dylan is one of those artists that I have on my list of music to check out in more depth, but have never really got around to. Yeah, I’ve already been shouted down for it so please save your breath. I guess this is my introduction song and we’ll see how we get on this year.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Aural pleasure or just a load of noise? Share your thoughts on this week’s selection in the Comment Box below.

To add a little spice

This post opened with the song lyric “Unaware but underlined, I figured out this story. It wasn’t good. But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory”. Can you identify the song and artist/band from which the lyrics are taken? No Googling now!
Use the Comment Box below to submit your answer. All will be revealed in next week’s post.

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