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Conversations With My Mother – 1: Apology

This is what I’d most like to tell you:
        I am you no longer.
I have grown – in interesting and difficult ways – into
a woman of my own.
I have thought, reasoned … and at times
begged, for my own clarification.
I am changed and changing with a
rapidity that leaves me
breathless, but also alert.
I am still that child you raised,
but layered over and again with
my own collection of regret and confusion:
creating an album of stills that tell an altered tale.
There is still uncertainty here, but
I refuse to doubt myself
or that which is building within me.
I am trusting in the seed of an idea –
that I can ‘become’
if only I give myself space to.
And I shall be bold in the turning;
bearing witness to my own transfiguration.
So you see, this is not an apology –
I just wanted you should understand:
        I am you no longer.
And come a day, I’ll be able to communicate
just how this came to pass.

SO TELL ME: What do you think of this piece?

  • Did it engage you?
  • Does the meaning come across? Are there any images or lines you don’t understand or find unclear?
  • Are there obvious errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar?
  • Do you have any suggestions for revision?

Please be brutally honest in your assessments – good, bad or indifferent.
I don’t scare easily; and I really do want to hear what YOU have to say about my work.

Many thanks in advance for your time and your criticism.

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