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Ultimate Night Out

Ultimate Power - Phil Collins t-shirt 

Friday night: official start to the weekend. And this Friday Ladies and Gentlemen, I joined the thousands of people crowding the London streets for a well deserved night of clubbing. That’s right, little crippled me!

In March, having become a little fed up of being basically housebound, I set myself the task of attending a normal, social activity (I don’t care what anyone says, medical appointments do NOT count as “going out”!). So Friday night found me at the Electric Ballroom in Camden with my sisters and some friends, enjoying Ultimate Power.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? You are seriously missing out, matey!



Ultimate Power DJ 
Ultimate Power is … well, a delight. Tag lined as “The best night of your life” – and they could very well be right – it is a monthly club night that plays power ballads all night long.

You read that right. 80s power ballads + glam rock bands = power lunges, air guitar and songs you know the words to (particularly come the chorus!).

I haven’t been for a few years and looked forward to checking out the new (to me anyway) venue in Camden.

The Electric Ballroom is very organised – and the ‘carer’ of the disabled person in attendance gets in free! Who knew? A big “Thank you” goes out to Naz and Trevor who escorted us in via the no-steps entrance and took time out to explain the layout of the venue so that we were able to get the wheelchair round the club without problems.

I was very glad to discover that the night has not lost any of its charm. Dodgy costumes abounded as skin-tight leggings/jeans, badly-combed wigs and bright colours were combined to create this:

80s tracksuits
Can you see me yet?
We weren’t afraid of colour back in the 80s.


or this:

Guns 'n' Roses
What combs?
Admit it. There was a time when you wanted to look like this.




The whole atmosphere is playful, everybody sings along to songs like Seal (Kiss From A Rose); Toto (Africa); Michael Jackson (Dirty Diana); Whitesnake (Here We Go Again); Bryan Adams (Summer of ’69); and Queen (We Are The Champions). And let’s not forget screaming along at the top of our lungs to key changes and high notes.

For a real life taster, check out this video. Watch it from the 2 minute mark:

Things are further enhanced by the inflatable guitars, saxophones and microphones that are sold on the night – to provide you with the all-important props you need to truly plumb the depths of your rock alter ego.


My presence seemed to cause some confusion. It’s funny how people seem to struggle with processing the sight of a wheelchair in the middle of a dancefloor. They kept trying to walk through me and the chair – which is nothing new for anyone who has regular contact with someone in a wheelchair: people just ignore it and then look surprised/confused/angry when they injure themselves on it. Although one girl on seeing me pointed excitedly, broke into a huge grin and then offered a high-five! I managed one eventually (Did I mention that I move like I have palsy?).

But I had a fabulous time and even managed to stand up for a couple of songs – with the support of crutches and the wheelchair and my companions on standby to catch me if I started falling over. I ripped my vocal chords screaming along to Boston’s More Than A Feeling (I love that song!!!) – and not necessarily in time as the speech problems still persist; and my usual uncontrollable head and body shaking didn’t freak people out as most everyone in the club was doing it too.

Ultimate Power - it's your mic 
And yeah, I suffered for it the next day, but the pain was worth it. It felt so good to do something so simply ordinary! To be surrounded by loud music, coloured lights and gyrating bodies.


A very big, huge, gi-normous “Thank you” goes out to Zelda, Tsarina, Sam, Hayley, Steve and BFF:

  • who took me out for a night on the town;
  • who used their bodies to create a cordon so that this crip and her wheelchair could spend the night on a dancefloor;
  • And in doing so, allowed me to be one of the crowd and feel like it!

Love and big hugs to you, my truly beautiful people.

Good news!:

Ultimate Power has extended its reach to Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester cities. So check out their website for dates, grab a few friends and enjoy a night that totally eclipses every other night. See what I did there?.

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6 thoughts on “Ultimate Night Out

  1. Yay so glad to hear you got out. It’s 6am on Saturday morning for me and bizarrely last night was the first time I went out in the evening to a social event for 3 years! it was one of my oldest friend’s 50th birthday party and Mark and Sarah came down to Brighton and i spent two whole hours relocating my booty and limping a lary version of my old dancing to some of those classic 80s RnB tunes I loved… Old friends reconnecting and loads of love in the house. I managed just over two hours and it was utterly joyous. I too decided that the consequences were irrelevant (and boy am I feeling them right now). That’s the way forward for me this year. I have to participate however and whenever I can. So I’m looking forward to seeing you at Mark’s 40th when I fully intend to hurt myself again! Love to you mightwar xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Five, Honey!!! I was smiling from ear to ear, reading this blog post. I truly hope you manage to make it a regular, once a month, event, like the club does. I wish I was there with you, screaming along to all the lyrics. Yep, it’s great when you go out and know ALL the songs being played. haha. xo

    1. Oh strawbs, don’t know if I could handle it on a monthly basis as I am still recovering, but would consider attending on a quarterly basis. It’s a place I could see you enjoying, so next time you’re round this way, give me a shout and I’ll get us tickets.

      1. Haha did you wear yourself out that much! haha. Well, quarterly is still a pretty good effort, I say! If I am ever around, HELL YEAH!

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