Milestone :: 6 Months

Dear Lovely People,

"Shadow" poem; Copyright © 2012 A couple of days ago, mightwar turned 6 months old!!
And what a whirlwind of learning and fun it has been:

  • My attempts to learn the art of blogging by joining the Weekly Writing Challenge started off badly (They knew. They just knew!); but I’ve kept up with it when I’ve been able and have even managed to post some submissions.

  • I had a go at producing a weekly music post – which was fun. However, four months in, I’ve had to discontinue the series as I’m unable to maintain the level of work required to produce it. Guess I bit off more than I can chew; but I hope that we can use what exists to share out tastes and thoughts on music.

  • And then surprise, surprise: I received my first blog award (Thank you Billie of


Popular Posts

These are some posts that I have really enjoyed scripting. Turns out you like them too.

1,000 Words, Take Two - image writing challenge
A Picture-Perfect Moment:
a short story that was submitted
for the Weekly Writing Challenge.
Arthur's Pass, New Zealand; Copyright © 2013

a submission for the
Weekly Photo Challenge.


So What Next?

  • Speaking about my chronic illness is becoming an ever-prominent issue. I’m still stumbling over the words, but I’ve decided to do a series about functional movement disorders as a means of sharing my experience and helping anyone who is going through similar – or knows of someone who is.

    SO TELL ME: Would such posts interest you? What kind of information would you be looking for from them?

  • I’ve been playing around with the blog’s design and layout. I continue to wrestle with the gods of technology, but I like the way that the site now looks.

    SO TELL ME: What are your impressions of the blog’s design and layouts? Is it easy to find your way around? Does it draw attention to, or distract from the post contents? Is the information clear?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on developing this site further.

Ever yours in gratitude for your time, your support and the sharing of your words,

Yours sincerely,

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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

3 thoughts on “Milestone :: 6 Months

  1. You pretty good in manipulating the background and the colors and all things creative.
    Your writings are superb. and your heart is golden. I wish you only good things.
    I quite like your “picture-perfect moment”.

    Been a while since I read visited too many blogs as life has been a bit hectic, a bit dull, and feeling a bit under the weather and in a bad mood.
    But yes, mightwar is one blog that I make time to visit if I visit any blog. Keep strong.

    1. Dear amira,

      Thank you for your kind and generous words. I’m glad to know that my writing style draws people to return. I’m never quite clear how it translates to the blogging world as this is not the style/audience I am used to writing for.

      I’m sorry to hear that you are under the weather at this time. I hope things clear up for you soon.

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