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I Am A Marvel

Interaction #2

Then there was the lady at the Huka Falls (Again white; this time from some eastern European destination) who followed me round like a shadow – standing so close, she was practically sniffing me.

Initially I had thought that I was blocking her shot as she tried to take a photo of the magnificent view before us. So I sidestepped and turned to offer an apology through a smile. Only to have the woman step smartly back behind me; her eyes fixed on my skin and giving me the kind of intense scrutiny that I have only seen in the eyes of people who are chatting me up in a desperate attempt to get in my knickers.

So I sidestep again and lo and behold, before I have finished resettling my weight onto my new position, the woman has moved and is perched just behind me like she’s about to whisper sweet nothings.


Auburn and I exchange a look, a raised eyebrow and a smile. This is something I have gotten used to on my travels – basically because I insist on going to places where darkies do not tread. I know it’s gonna take her a while to work it through her system; and in the meantime, I have every intention of enjoying the natural wonders spread before me.

So we take some photos and then start moving down the path to see what else there is to see.

family photo
Family photo:
Proof that I am not a fluke



Well, My Little Pasty Friend simply takes to following us – and she is so close I’m getting static on the back of my t-shirt!

I can tell it’s an involuntary movement because she doesn’t even turn round to look where she is going – merely walks sideways with total disregard for her personal safety considering we are in the midst of a large, constantly moving crowd of people who are trying to get the best view in a restricted space very close to a sharp fall into the depths of a stupendous amount of fast-moving water.

Every time I look over my left shoulder I am faced with the earnest and utterly engrossed visage of a pale female whom I do not know. And after a while, it starts to freak me out a little. Sh!t, I have cousins whom I haven’t been that intimate with!

I am finally rescued when her friend appears and collects her – though my friend was fully reluctant to leave me: and not before her friend has got some eyeballing in too.
Don’t stop now, the best bit is on the next page.

19 thoughts on “I Am A Marvel

  1. I like this post. When I went on holiday to Fiji, my friends and I rented a car and drove half way round the island and stopped in at a school (I don’t remember why. I don’t think it’s a normal tourist thing to stop at schools!) which was full of little Indian children. I don’t think they had ever seen white people before, the way they were hiding from us and creeping out, looking ever so curious. Fiji is full of dark skinned, fuzzy haired Fijian folk, and Indians (from India, not North America). It was just an awesome experience. We even drew a map of Australia on the board to illustrate where we were from.

    1. Nice one, strawbs. I love it when you meet people and your very existence challenges what they understand about people. This sounds like it was a lot of fun. And now you too an amazing story that people are sharing!

      1. 🙂 Do you have any holidays planned for the near future? I would still love to hear about your most recent little getaway. Hubby and I are going to Brisbane for a wedding in October and have booked flights, accommodation and hire car. I can’t bloody wait! lol

      2. Nice one. I love Brisbane – there’s just something about it.

        Auburn and I have talked about trying to do a holiday later this year. If the health will allow for travel, I’m definitely up for giving it a go.

        I am almost finished writing up about my trip to Siena, Will hopefully be published in the next week(ish), so keep an eye out.

      3. I can’t wait to read about it. I am delighted that you and Auburn are planning another trip and I hope your health holds up for it!!!! Where are you considering?

  2. Great post – beautifully written and witty and true to the Daily Post challenge. I was riveted and couldn’t wait to “turn” the page to find out what happened next – exactly the purpose of the challenge 🙂

    1. Thank you, draliman. I am glad that you enjoyed the post as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks to the writing challenge, I now have a new trick to play with.

  3. I am a slow but fantastic old lady new to the Internet and hoping to become a friend of yours. Your sense of humor and strength are amazing! Personally, I am more of bitcher and complainer but it doesn’t do any good so I pretend to be sort of nice. Usually. You are a bright light even to the complainers. Thank you. Midwest Gramma.

    1. Dear Midwest Gramma (Is it OK if I call you this? I really like the word ‘Gramma’),

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I bitch and complain when I need to too. I just find that laughing through my experiences wherever possible works better for me. I roar when things get too much – both literally and through my words, but that laughter – with myself and others – adds a layer of relief and refreshment that is hard to beat.

      What can I say? I am a stubborn one. As far as I’m concerned, I ain’t dead yet and so what I demand is LIFE! Mere existence is not enough.

      I look forward to getting to know a ‘slow but fantastic old lady’ as she sounds interesting to know.

      Keep in touch,


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