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Siena Trip: the Duomo

The Duomo di Siena, a medieval church built between 1215 and 1263, is overflowing with detail. From contrasting colours of marble to glistening bronze-work to allegorical figures and biblical scenes, your eyes skate from point to point; absorbing the minutiae of the workmanship.

There is love here: written into intricate carvings of stone that chronicle a people, a place and a history.

Hope chases the light as it dances from shape to shape: calling you to traverse the main portals and enter into a vision made real. And what wonders await!

10 thoughts on “Siena Trip: the Duomo

  1. Nawwww I was hoping for a more in depth narrative -like… what was the food like? Where did you stay? How was the trip there and back? Did you meet any interesting locals? Did you drink the Italian wine? etc etc!!! lol. But yeah, I am far from religious but do love churches, especially the older ones that are made of stone and have gorgeous stained glass windows etc. And yeah, the view from your b&b was awesome!!! xo

  2. I love the very old buildings. In Ireland I loved the idea of walking through door ways that people have been walking through for hundreds of years. Imagining all of the different lives and life styles that had changed over the centuries. And I love the ‘ruins’ and imagining them in their completed state, the building of them, and the living in them.

    This church captures my imagination.

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