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Functional Movement Disorder :: #2.1 – Exploring the Symptoms

So your body is making funny movements and somebody has mentioned something about ‘movement disorders’. Then there is the talk of ‘gait’ and ‘spasm’ etc., but what does it all MEAN?



Pain is a common symptom in functional movement disorder.

It has been and continues to be an hourly, aggravating reality of my illness. On some days, it is the bane of my existence as it is hard to know which to administer to first – the one in my back, neck or shoulders; stomach or limbs; or in my muscles and joints.

The descriptions included in this post series are taken from my Sickness Diary. In the second post – which focuses on what functional movement disorders are, I talk about the importance of keeping a sickness diary as a means of recording your different symptoms (which can be helpful to the medical investigation process) and as an aid to determining any patterns to help you manage your illness better.

The different types of pain can sometimes be an indication of what symptom will be occurring next: giving me a little time to prepare – as much as I am able.

The following is a video that introduces important ideas about chronic pain. It was made by GP Access and the Hunter Integrated Pain Service (New South Wales, Australia) and could help you in understanding what chronic pain is.


5 thoughts on “Functional Movement Disorder :: #2.1 – Exploring the Symptoms

  1. Your ability to write so simply about something so complex and emotional is by my definition, poetry*.
    *(I favour Wordsworth’s ‘Poetry is the best words in their best order)

    I can’t tell you how to improve, although I do wonder if you need a section on the emotional impact… what it is like to be on the inside of these episodes. What do you think about?

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