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Functional Movement Disorder :: #2.1 – Exploring the Symptoms

Facial Spasm

These have been taking place since June 2011 and regularly occur multiple times a day.

My face contorts: feeling as though some invisible hand has grabbed the edge of the left side of my face and everything is being forcibly stretched to the left – against my will and against the will of my muscles – and I experience a hard burning in my facial muscles due to the savage wrenching of skin, tissue and muscle.

My face pulls so far over, that my nose feels like it is sitting by my left ear; my jaw locks (usually over to the left side of my face), my lips purse over to the left and my teeth push forward and become out of synch. The twitching of my facial muscles is so strong that it feels as if my face is having a fit!!! I struggle to breathe at these times.

The pressure that this puts on the left side of my face makes my left eye feel like it is going to pop out of its socket! This affects the whole left side of my face: from about an inch into my hairline, all the way down to underneath my jaw line.
The pain is so savage that it triggers my body spasms and my right leg kicks out involuntarily. My left arm usually curls itself against my side and across my stomach; my left hand cups itself and both do not move from their position for the duration of the episode (resulting in savage pins and needles and I usually need someone to move my left arm and straighten it out).



What helps

When I can catch a breath and gain more control of my right hand through the resultant spasm, I use it to do a hard massage along my left jaw line: it doesn’t really do anything due to the continued muscle straining, but the momentary relief is worth the effort.

Sometimes it helps to use one of the frozen blocks that sits at the bottom of the freezer bag: wrapping it in a tea towel and holding it against the side of my face. But I have to wait a while before I can do this as any contact with the left side of my face at this time just hurts.

5 thoughts on “Functional Movement Disorder :: #2.1 – Exploring the Symptoms

  1. Your ability to write so simply about something so complex and emotional is by my definition, poetry*.
    *(I favour Wordsworth’s ‘Poetry is the best words in their best order)

    I can’t tell you how to improve, although I do wonder if you need a section on the emotional impact… what it is like to be on the inside of these episodes. What do you think about?

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