Fish Out Of Water

We got invited over to spend time with Auburn’s family in Brisbane, Australia – mainly because her cousin was getting married. It was a particularly big deal because he is the first of their generation to tie the knot – and her Nan had made the journey especially to attend the first marriage of a grandchild (and so the heat was on).

Auburn gave her Aunt and Uncle the heads up – because it’s one thing to see darkies on MTV, but quite another to have them standing in your living room casting a shadow across your furniture. Besides, they haven’t had much contact with the dark side having grown up in Devon – Joss Stone aside – and Australia has done a very good job of hiding its tanned history.

Brisbane 5
The “Pancake Cafe”. Serving the best pancakes ANYWHERE, 24hrs a day.



Now Auburn had told me that this side of her family lived a good life, but even she didn’t expect the grandeur that we walked into. Their wealth is made even nicer because it’s their hard work that has given them their lush existence.

So we pull into their neighbourhood and the houses make it clear that it’s gonna be beige carpet all the way.
Every time I’m out on the driveway I can sense the neighbours’ palpitations and imagine the calls to the Police about the ‘suspicious character’ loitering outside their yard. 🙂

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