Fish Out Of Water

The house is stunning! I could have spent quality time just hanging round the stairs alone. They were so wide and just begging for you to shimmy on down the banister (It’s OK Daddi, I didn’t give in to the temptation). And the whole place was kitted out impeccably in the ‘très chic’ manner that was way beyond anything I could imagine: I mean, my idea of a lush house would be one that had a large kitchen containing a Smeg fridge!!!

To start off, they have a pool. Now apparently this is no big deal because it is hard to survive a Queensland summer without access to a pool. This I can understand. What I wasn’t expecting, was to almost drown in the deep end – which turned out to be deeper than 6 foot. I should know, because I swallowed most of the water when the floor dropped away unexpectedly – and without my consent – and my feet found the bottom (eventually) whilst the water found my lungs!


The garden was stupendously large. If it had been mine, I would have had the whole area paved over because I would not have had the patience to spend that amount of time with a mower. And the veranda had a dining table that would have comfortably seated 16 people every meal time.

Lilyponds in Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Australia
One of the many lily ponds on display at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

It was lovely breakfasting out there because colourful parrots spent the morning hours darting in and out of the trees; and a baby Blue Heron delighted us with a gangly display on the first morning.

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