Fish Out Of Water

Brisbane Botanical Gardens lilypond sculpture
One of the sculptures in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

But the kitchen: aaah the kitchen… They had a window that ran the whole length of the outside wall. And the window slid back on rollers to create what looked like a 3-dimensional frame to the garden view so that you could be preparing dinner on the counter and be caressed by the warm winds.

But I fully embarrassed myself when it came to the appliances.

For a start, I couldn’t find the microwave. No joke. I went looking for the bugger in an attempt to heat up a piece of chicken and I had to go back out and pretend I had changed my mind. The surfaces were so flat and hard to distinguish that after 10 minutes of searching, I figured it best to admit defeat. Everyone had a great laugh about it, but I felt no shame. How was I to know that a microwave could be housed in an oven? Whoever heard of such a thing? Besides, I didn’t know the oven was there until people were pointing it out during the above incident. (What more can I say?).

Views around Brisbane, Australia
Views around Brisbane.

But the thing that stumped us the most was the hob. There we were, trying to help out with a meal and we couldn’t even turn the cooker on to boil the potatoes!!

Imagine 3 capable, full grown adults (me, Auburn and her Nan) – with several years kitchen experience between them – standing looking blankly at the cooker trying to work out where the knobs were. From time to time, one or other of us would reach out tentatively and run our hands over the stove top in the hope that we could coax a knob to materialize in our hands thereby putting us out of our misery (we were denied again and again).

Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Australia
View from the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

In the end, her Aunt had to help us out: the contraption had buttons instead of knobs. Receded buttons at that – which lay flush with the top and seeing as the whole thing looked like one shade of black, we would have never worked it out on our own. Sh!t, I had wiped over the thing several times without realising that it was not a continuation of the counter top! And so it goes.

We arrived a few days before the wedding and had time to catch up on sleep, enjoy the pool and lap up the heat; and to be introduced to a stupendous number of people we didn’t know.

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