Fish Out Of Water

And now I’d like to share my favourite Brisbane incident:
Auburn’s Uncle has been out to some poor African country with his local church, building schools etc. for a charity foundation. He’d told us about it earlier in our stay and shown photos etc.

We’re at the wedding now and I’m the darkest face within an umpteen mile radius. People are looking at me oddly; wondering how I got to be there, but they are too uncertain to approach me for conversation.

The great thing is that I’m not the only dark face because it turns out that the bride’s older sister is married to some Indonesian chappy and their beautiful honey-coloured offspring helps boost the numbers. However, I am the darkest attendant by about 20 shades and feeling a tad obvious.


So I’m sitting quietly in a corner somewhere when suddenly I am greeted cheerfully and loudly by an older lady who shakes me warmly by the hand and welcomes me to Australia and the wedding.

She then goes on about how glad she is that Auburn’s Uncle has asked someone from the project to come along to such a joyous occasion – at which point Auburn becomes unreasonably interested in the spinach hors d’œuvre she has in her hand.

There is a beat as I take a moment to compose myself: I’m desperately trying not to laugh at what a perfect moment this is – which is not as easy as it sounds; what with Auburn beside me, trying to hide her laughter behind a puff pastry! I mean, there was no way to let the poor woman down gently.

So then I start to explain who I am as gently as I can; and you can tell she is thoroughly baffled by the smooth English accent escaping from my lips (It took me years to learn it too). And she keeps looking to Auburn for some kind of help. When I finish my introduction, she blushes profusely and then makes her hurried escape.

Part of me felt bad that I had messed up her little fantasy, because it was the warmest greeting I’d had the whole day. But it was nice to know that she had wanted to meet me enough to come over and say hi. 😀

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