re•call :: September 2013

On the last Friday of every month, the re•call series will introduce you to some of the older posts on the site, so that you don’t miss out. You will find a selection from each of the categories:

Here are this month’s collection:


distinguishing-miles-from-coltrane-section-header TW13 These are the masks that I wear […] Continue reading →

The Book of The Lover

tribute-section-header TW13 Treat me like the page of a book: cover me over and again in words holding hidden meanings only you can decipher. […] Continue reading →

Sweets … and sh!t

theories-&-suspicions-section header TW13 Something is seriously wrong with my body. Scratch that. Let me rephrase. Something is seriously wrong with my body’s tastes. Lately, I have been craving sweets and chocolate. And not only craving, but EATING sweets and chocolate. I’m developing a serious sweet tooth condition. […] Continue reading →

Vomit … and sh!t

sick.note-section-header TW13 Voice-over: Day 608 in the Sick Brother House, 6.32pm. might war (AKA Crip McWog™) is in the living room and on her fourth consecutive day of her vomit-thon. Over an hour ago, she started on her third retch of the day. She comes to the Diary Room to talk to Sick Brother …

Yes. I’m actually gonna dedicate a whole post to this topic.[…] Continue reading →

New Zealand ‘03: October 24, 2003

gone-fishin-section-header TW13 We made our way to Franz Joseph to try and hike on the glacier, but were foiled by the rain gods who declared that:
“On this day, it shall piss it down like a bugger and the mist should lie so low that the people cannot even begin to say which direction the glacier layeth in! […] Continue reading →

A New Year’s Resolution

and-sh!t-section-header TW13 The start of a New Year is traditionally a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make. I have been thinking about what a delightful surprise blogging and this website have been. It has provided me with a regular creative outlet, introduced me to people from around the world and brought intriguing and thought-provoking articles to my attention. […] Continue reading →
Go Forth and Discover
So that’s it! Feel free to peruse at your leisure, as I present the mumblings and musings of an African immigrant on the interweb. Go on, I dare you …

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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

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