Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


Song of Praise

Travelling New Zealand totally blows your horizons: both geographically and in terms of expanding the limits of your understanding and experience.

I relearned water and the colour blue; stumbled into wonders; and bathed myself in sunrises and sunsets.

But to fully illustrate ‘the line at the farthest place that you can see, where the sky seems to touch the land or sea‘, I need do no more than draw your attention to their mountains.

This photo was taken on our leisurely drive through Arthur’s Pass. An entry in my travel journal reads:

Viewing becomes an activity in itself. Each glimpse holds an abundance of detail that requires time to register in the retinas: the slightest movement – from the tilt of the head to traversing to the other side – reveals something you did not see on the first, tenth or fiftieth glance.

And underneath it all is the song. With each new image it pours into me with a sweetness that is almost unbearable. Like the first time I took the bus trip through the Buller GorgeI ended up bursting into tears and got off the bus crying!

The composition of the river and the rock and the canyons was more than I could handle. I was so full of the wonder of it all, that I couldn’t contain it. I felt as if were I to see one more beautiful thing, I would burst.

And a year later when I repeated the journey, though I was better prepared, I still felt weak at the knees. Such is the wonder of this place!

And don’t even get me started on the mountains. You stand by the sea, and there are mountains. You stand inland, and there are mountains. You stand on a mountain, and there are a number more gazing down at you; raising their peaks to pierce the sky like a many-voiced song of praise.

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of New Zealand’s mountains up close; some more challenging than others. Fancy joining me on some of my adventures? Just follow the links.
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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

    1. Ah, oceanbelcher … thank you for your beautiful compliment.

      New Zealand is my all-time destination. And my soul’s home. I miss her too, and use my extensive photo collection to reminisce often and remind myself that one day I shall be returning to her warm, welcoming and enchanting bosom once again.

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