This piece was inspired by the Daily Prompt writing challenge; which pointed to the Khalil Gibran quote:

We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.”

– (Sand and Foam)

and then asked, What would your seven words be?


Surprisingly, the sentence only took me three attempts to complete it. The first thought didn’t seem quite right. The second thought amended two words. The third thought completed it

I am quite satisfied with the finished article.


It was important to me that the seven words in question formed a complete sentence. It seemed vital that the words transferred a complete message in and of themselves; and spoke to both myself and the person on the receiving end.

The words needed to remind the speaker and the hearer of the value of each of us as individual, living beings – and of what a miracle that is in its own right; but also to acknowledge the possibility that we could disagree with each other.

The inclusion of the word “friend” is deliberate. It is a welcome to the other person to engage with me in conversation, but in certain tones, the term can be read as a warning.


SO TELL ME: What do you think of my seven words? What response does it raise in you?


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