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Close Encounters: Part 2


This is the second part of a 2-part post. To make sense of the story, please read Close Encounters: Part 1 first.

Thank you kindly.

His presence fills all her thoughts. There is nowhere to run. No escape from the hulking weight that is bearing down on her.

Her breath catches in her throat; scrabbling desperately for a release that doesn’t involve him.

And she is forced to admit that she may have overestimated her capacity this time around.

All her preparations become naught when confronted by the frightfulness of his proximity; the botched components forming a patchwork of skin engendering feelings of pity and alarm.

And still those haunting lips creep towards hers with a promise of clammy, late night flashbacks requiring therapeutic intervention.

No, no, no, no. no!


The Director’s screeched order startles her; sends relief coursing through her veins like much-needed rain streaking down window glass.

He turns abruptly from her, his lumbering strides finally separating them and taking him towards the waiting ministrations of his Assistant.

As the bustle of technicians gathers, she tries to remember the coordination necessary to coax her body into movement.

She exhales at length, inhales; exhales again as though untrusting of the last-minute stay of execution. Then turns, stumbles unsteadily off the set.

She barely registers the multiple exchanges taking place about her as others attend to the business of resetting the stage for the next take.

As she collapses bonelessly into the nearest available seat, she thinks: Thank God her contract states that she doesn’t have to kiss him!



This piece was written and submitted as part of’s Weekly Writing Challenge. The writing challenges are designed to “help you to push your writing boundaries, show off your blogging chops, and, hopefully, spark more post ideas”. The posts should be specifically written in response to the challenge set.

This week’s challenge was to “write a post that will leave readers waiting for more”. Bonus points were also available for anyone else who managed to work Sylvester Stallone into their post.

I couldn’t resist basing the post on the wholly unbelievable love interest featured in Sly’s 2010 film ‘The Expendables’. What do you mean you don’t remember the woman? She was the bit between the guns and explosions. Never mind.

This is my reinterpretation of the almost-kissing scene at the end of the film.

You can see how other bloggers responded to the challenge, on Cliffhanger!.

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