Hospital Admission

confetti-dancerDear Lovely People,

Just wanted to let you know that from the beginning of March, I’ll be in hospital for 2 weeks for treatment of my Functional Movement Disorder.

As my body is going to be tortured tested by a long list of doctors whose titles I cannot even pronounce let alone understand, I will be in no fit state to communicate or blog as usual.
And due to the intensity of the treatment, the following 2 weeks are going to be touch-and-go too.
There are posts scheduled for publication, but please accept my apologies in advance for not moderating the site or replying to your comments, calls, texts and emails.
        I’ll very likely be unable to remember my own name – let alone be able to see, or control my movements.
Something tells me I’m gonna need all the comfort that my crocodile onesie can give over the next few weeks!
And in the meantime, my spirit continues to sing: “I am the wonder of the ages. I am magnificence!”
Pray for me.
Yours sincerely,

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