re•call :: March 2014

On the last Friday of every month, the re•call series will introduce you to some of the older posts on the site, so that you don’t miss out. You will find a selection from each of the categories:

Here are this month’s collection:

Poetry Techniques

distinguishing-miles-from-coltrane-section-header TW13 A crayon and a piece of paper.
A moment of stillness and a wealth of opportunity […] Continue reading →

Chocolate Soup

tribute-section-header TW13 You are a smile that brings warmth to my bones and beauty to my spirit; a presence that nourishes and laughter
that comforts […] Continue reading →


theories-&-suspicions-section header TW13 An outward breath sends a cloud
spiralling […] Continue reading →

Retirement 101

sick.note-section-header TW13 I am now useless for the thing I have spent 23 years learning the skills and training for.

Yeah, that’s the thought that keeps stopping me too. […] Continue reading →


gone-fishin-section-header TW13 We have reached Tauranga a “thriving commercial and business centre, busy port and rich horticultural farmland” that with its “combination of location, climate, attractive beaches and many associated activities … has much to offer both the native and the visitor” […] Continue reading →

Starting Over

and-sh!t-section-header TW13 The mirror, it says:
                You have become less.
                It takes so much effort to produce a
                reflection, as you are barely present. […] Continue reading →
Go Forth and Discover
So that’s it! Feel free to peruse at your leisure, as I present the mumblings and musings of an African immigrant on the interweb. Go on, I dare you …

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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

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