Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


Whispers on the Wind

How do you capture ‘spring’ in just one photograph?

For me, there’s just something about the dandelion seed head that encapsulates that sense of new beginnings and blossoming.

I remember how the weather was warm enough that parents would send their kids out to play after school to get them out from under their feet on lighter evenings.

I remember how my sisters and I would “knock for” our friends who lived on the estate or on the same street.

And how we would hunt for these flowers, make wishes and then blow on them: sending little white helicopters cascading on the wind.

They symbolised longer days: which meant (seemingly) endless hours of play.

Yay, Spring! Wanna come out and play?
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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

    1. Thank you so much, Beauty Along the Road. I was rather pleased by the way it came out. I was trying to capture the sense of what it felt like to hold one up, just before you blew on it.

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