Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


Playful Banter

It’s funny how we tend to focus on the differences between the many peoples that call this planet home. But when you travel, you catch glimpses of the many elements that are repeated from one group to another.

For example, growing up in Ghana (West Africa), this skipping game was very popular amongst children. So imagine my surprise when I started school in England, only to discover that the children there played it too!

And this was before the advent of the internet and its capacity to bring faraway places into our immediate spheres.

It seems that despite our many differences, parts of ourselves are reflected in parts of others: suggesting that we may not be as different as we would like to think.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

  1. We had a similar game when I was growing up in Germany. At first, the string was held really low, around the ankles. If you did your skipping without mistakes, then the string was brought up higher, around the knees. You had to repeat your moves at higher and higher levels until you couldn’t jump inside the string anymore.

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