Facts about myself

To be honest, I couldn’t come up with eleven things. If an excuse really is needed, just think of this as an attempt to leave some mystery in our relationship. 😉

ugly shoes
I would happily wear these in public and feel no way.

Source: http://tobietal.blogspot.co.uk

I LOVE “ugly shoes”. I once bought a pair because they looked like they could have been Forest Gump’s second pair of shoes (a classic 1950s orthopaedic shoe design). The first time I wore them to work, one of the teenager’s came running up to me and said, “Oh Miss, what happened to you?” – whilst his eyes remained riveted to my feet. He was astounded to discover that I had consciously (and happily) handed over money for them.

11 questions willeke73 asked me

  1. What does blogging mean to you?
    It has provided a new way of “sticking and colouring”.
  2. Does everyone you know love the idea of you putting your words out there in the blogging world?
    I didn’t ask. Didn’t think to.
  3. If you could be published, would you write things you do not stand behind?
    Hell no! My words share something about myself: I can’t take responsibility for what they say if I don’t believe in them to start with.
  4. If you could return or go to college, would you pick the same subjects you initially studied?
    Having recently completed a Masters degree, I’m really not in the mood for doing any formal studies for a while – at least until I’ve forgotten how much it hurt.
  5. What do books mean to you?
    Books are how I seduce my imagination.
  6. Did blogging change your mind set about life, i.e. do you look at yourself the same way you did before starting a blog?
    Not really. Blogging has been a fun and interesting learning experience, but my mind is still as much a freak as it’s always been. She’s a very special entity and I love her for it.
  7. Who is your favourite author and why?
    I love words and storytelling too much to limit myself to just one. Regular reads include Terry Pratchett (for humour, great character development and astounding people watching observations); Lee Child (for who-dunnits I usually can’t figure out and because Reacher is a character who keeps my interest); Christopher Brookmyre (for delightful titles and the fact that he writes like a friend telling tales of their high jinx); and Iain M. Banks (for morality tales told through sci-fi). Oh, and church posters (because they can be surprising and funny).
  8. Did life turn out the way you thought it would?
    Now where would the fun be in that? I just kinda set out to see what life had in store; and what I can say in all honesty is that regardless of the good, bad or indifferent events, it has been one wild and marvellous ride.
  9. Aside from blogging, what other interests do you have?
    Funny, but I have never considered blogging as one of my interests. Things that bring me joy include music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.
  10. Do you want to be inspirational or be inspired yourself?
    Neither. When meeting people, I am just interested in spending time: discovering what we generate between us is the best part of the experience.
  11. Fun fact: just tell us a funny story or fact to end this long blog post to keep a positive imprint of your words on our brains.
    I am fascinated by the human form in all its manifestations. It is miraculous beyond words and I can’t get over just how treacherously beautiful the body and its components can be.





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Facts about myself: 14.08.2013

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