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Close Encounters: Part 1

The cargo plane’s propellers whirl: filling the hot air with a rhythmic throbbing and sending her hair streaming over her shoulder.

They stand before the aircraft’s open door: its shadowed interior a welcoming invitation to escape. But she has to resist. She cannot run from this. Cannot run from him.
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The Best of MightWar: 2013 Edition

best-of-mightwar-wordle Welcome to the first annual “Best of MightWar” post.

It’s a chance for you to catch up on something you might have missed.

And gives me an opportunity to revisit posts I’m particularly proud of.

This was the year for discovering how much further I could take the blogging experience.

It was challenging as my body and health didn’t cooperate in any easy way, but I intended to keep “sticking and colouring” my way through 2013.

Despite the bad words screamed at the computer and at the gods of technology, I have enjoyed this experience tremendously.

It has been heartening to know that people are taking time out of their day to spend time with my words: that despite my reduced senses I can still commune. And that the joy of words allows me to dance in spirit even if I am unable to do so in body.
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