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Pot Pourri (Brisbane)

April 4, 2005

You know how there are some smells that you would recognise from 20 paces?

Ones so distinctive that you wouldn’t be able to say how old you were when you first identified it, but which are recorded in the memory card of your nasal passages?

Well marijuana is one of those smells for me.
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If It Ain’t Broke…

October 6, 2004

One of the wonderful things about travelling is finding out the everyday differences of the place you are visiting.

A traveller’s preparation will always include mental preparation to be without all those little idiosyncrasies that they may take for granted at home. Not surprisingly, mine are to do with food.
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I Am A Marvel

I am a marvel…

No really, I am.

Quiet there in the back, Zelda and Tsarina – I can hear you smirking and whispering examples from here.

This is not about me being big headed or anything, I am just acknowledging the wondrous creation that I am.


I was born to a people whose first blessing was in the colour of their skin. And my parents taught me to accept and love my colouring and to strive to live my dreams despite the restrictions that others would attempt to bind me with through it.

They gave me pride in my complexion then sent me out into the weird and wonderful places of the world: like Czechoslovakia (before they separated) – and Newcastle!
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The Hard Sell

March 21, 2005

TV adverts are something we have gotten used to seeing on a regular basis: used as they are to disperse our programmed viewing. We are aware of their purpose as a way of bringing new products to our attention so that we can be subliminally urged to purchase them; but we are accepting of them because from time to time, they educate us, entertain us and make us laugh. Or so I thought.
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