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Coitus Interuptus

November 6, 2004

Dual Reach
Dual Reach, by Kris Krug, CC-BY-SA2.0.
Imagine the scene: Two people are in bed (let’s call them Lover A and Lover B). The way their bodies are entwined and the manner in which clothing lays discarded around the room leaves no doubt that there has been some sexual activity in recent times. In fact, they have reached that point where the urgency has settled and they have decided to make an afternoon of it.

But if you listen, there is another sound. Not quite natural considering the moment. The eye is drawn to the door and if you look closely, you can see the door knob turning. The lovers do not notice.
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Letting Go

Lizard Lick TowingI just walked into the living room to find a friend watching a programme called Lizard Lick Towing: “an American reality television series that is filmed in the style of cinema verité. The show is a spin-off of the truTV series All Worked Up, and follows Ron, Amy and their team of repossession agents as they recreate repossession situations in Lizard Lick, North Carolina.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The bit that I saw was where a group of men had taken possession of a trailer – only to find a full-grown bull sitting inside it! It turns out the company that had owned the trailer had been in the business of transporting bulls to rodeos, but failure to meet payments had led to the trailer being repossessed.
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A Rant In Both Their Ears….

December 23, 2004

As Christmas draws near* and people are drawn into the standard blind panic cycle of spending more money than they in fact possess and attempt to store three months’ worth of food for a one day event, we are reminded that ‘tis the season of goodwill and cheer.

But I am not cheery, Ladies and Gentleman. No. I am pissed, is what I am.

We have been in Wellington for coming up five weeks and still the place is messing us about. How hard can it be to find a job in the capital city of a country? I am a hard worker, feel no way about getting dirty and can handle any amount of stupid hours as long as I get paid.
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Sweets … and sh!t

Something is seriously wrong with my body.

Scratch that. Let me rephrase.

Something is seriously wrong with my body’s tastes. Lately, I have been craving sweets and chocolate. And not only craving, but EATING sweets and chocolate. I’m developing a serious sweet tooth condition.
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Technology … and sh!t

Fuckerty 3:15

And so it came to pass that nary thirty minutes after might war commented on technology hating her (see: Blogging … and sh!t), Lo and Behold! … the b!stard starts playing silly b!ggers and removes the Featured Image from several posts for reasons inexplicable to all but those dwelling within the heavenly realms.

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