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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


Playful Banter

It’s funny how we tend to focus on the differences between the many peoples that call this planet home. But when you travel, you catch glimpses of the many elements that are repeated from one group to another.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag


Fractured Reflections

This week, WordPress is encouraging us to ‘forego the straightforward in favour of the twisting and winding’. And so I’m offering up the ceiling of the Great Court at the British Museum.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra


A Moment of Breathlessness

There are some photos that leave a vivid memory of what it took to capture them. And when it came to choosing an image for this week’s challenge, this shot jumped to mind.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


Unexpected Interactions

There is a delight in observing how people interact with their environment that has had me enjoying the act of ‘people watching’ for years.

Now that I am learning the art of photography, I find myself trying to capture such moments with the lens; seeing if I can translate them to film.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move


Journeying Home

This week’s challenge is to share our interpretation of “on the move”.

I chose this image as it is one of the few photos I’ve managed to capture where the motion is intended.
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