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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


Welcoming Face

This is the face that greets you when you arrive at Luna Park in Sydney (Australia). It is a rather striking (if somewhat disconcerting) welcome to a very lively fun-park.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Rebuilding the Foundations

I have spent a lot of time in hospitals over the last three years. It got to the stage where I started taking my camera with me in the hope of capturing some of my experiences.

This didn’t really work as it helps to be able to see clearly and be able to control your limbs and hands in order to take good photographs. (Who knew?)

This image is one of the few that I’ve managed to capture in hospital – two decorators strolling down one of the numerous corridors. However, it seemed a fitting analogy of my current state.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


Tactile Visions

Back in 2005, I finally got to see the Sydney Opera House in person. Only to discover that it looked nothing like I’d understood it to look from photos and the TV.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


Wonder and Unease

Carousels, or Merry-Go-Rounds, have fascinated me for years: the odd accompanying music, the hidden speed of its spinning and the bright, colourful lights. But it has been the level of detail contained in these amusement ride contraptions that has always drawn my attention.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition


Quiet In The Midst Of The Storm

At a local music festival, all the children were ecstatic to find that the playground had been extended with items to run over, clamber, climb and swing on.
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