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If you are looking for a particular area of work, the main poetry collections are presented as a symphony in three parts:

distinguishing-miles-from-coltrane-section-header TW13
distinguishing Miles from Coltrane – a collection of work exploring topics that were and are, of significant interest and relevance to my personal growth.
tribute-section-header TW13
tribute – a collection of work written for and/or about specific individuals.
theories-&-suspicions-section header TW13
theories and suspicions – a collection of work looking at more general subject matter.
Some of the pieces raise further contemplation for me and these are discussed in afterwords that follow the piece.
sick.note-section-header TW13
sick.note: A series of pieces discussing issues around my ongoing ill health.
gone-fishin-section-header TW13
gone fishin’: A selection of pieces I have written on, or about my travels.
Trafalgar Square lion
Gallery: A selection of photos that have been taken on my travels through life and geography. This section also incorporates the submissions for the Weekly Photo Challenge.
The-Listening-Booth-section header
The Listening Booth: A weekly music post for 2013. Every Friday, I will present 10 songs from a mix of genres from my music collection for your listening pleasure. The challenge? Not to repeat artists or bands at any time over the 52 weeks.
megaphone-section-header TW13
megaphone: A collection of the flyers designed to promote this site to friends, family and those I haven’t met yet.




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AUTHOR: I am might war. I have a love of music, the written word, travel, Anime, polar bears, people and “sticking and colouring”.

Repository: 10.11.2013

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