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Pot Pourri (Brisbane)

April 4, 2005

You know how there are some smells that you would recognise from 20 paces?

Ones so distinctive that you wouldn’t be able to say how old you were when you first identified it, but which are recorded in the memory card of your nasal passages?

Well marijuana is one of those smells for me.
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Glacier Country

January 25, 2006

View of the glacier from the High Street.
We are spending a few days in Franz Joseph in order to explore the glaciers. Last time I was here, the weather was so bad that they refused to let anyone up on the mountain. This time, I was determined to do the glacier hike – I mean, how many Africans can claim to have walked on a glacier?

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I Am A Marvel

I am a marvel…

No really, I am.

Quiet there in the back, Zelda and Tsarina – I can hear you smirking and whispering examples from here.

This is not about me being big headed or anything, I am just acknowledging the wondrous creation that I am.


I was born to a people whose first blessing was in the colour of their skin. And my parents taught me to accept and love my colouring and to strive to live my dreams despite the restrictions that others would attempt to bind me with through it.

They gave me pride in my complexion then sent me out into the weird and wonderful places of the world: like Czechoslovakia (before they separated) – and Newcastle!
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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

altsex cafe sign

Heed The (Warning) Signs

Back in 2005, I saw this part of a sign outside an unremarkable building whilst travelling home from work on the bus in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was fascinated by what it meant and dragged Auburn along to check it out later that weekend.
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Day Trip To Hanmer Springs

March 21, 2005

“To He Who Meets The Challenge Of Life Bravely, Great Will Be His Reward”

Hanmer Springs is an alpine village that people flock to all year round.

The main tourist draw is the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve – a swimming complex made up entirely from the natural thermal springs that bubble up from deep within the earth.

There are also separate play pools where the young (and the young at heart) can enjoy the waterfalls, animal slides and heated water slides without disturbing the peace and tranquility of the relaxation pools.
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Coitus Interuptus

November 6, 2004

Dual Reach
Dual Reach, by Kris Krug, CC-BY-SA2.0.
Imagine the scene: Two people are in bed (let’s call them Lover A and Lover B). The way their bodies are entwined and the manner in which clothing lays discarded around the room leaves no doubt that there has been some sexual activity in recent times. In fact, they have reached that point where the urgency has settled and they have decided to make an afternoon of it.

But if you listen, there is another sound. Not quite natural considering the moment. The eye is drawn to the door and if you look closely, you can see the door knob turning. The lovers do not notice.
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