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A Farewell to The Giant

My dad is dead.

He died ten days ago. Funny thing was, we didn’t even know that he was seriously sick at the time. He went for some blood test results on the Thursday and they were concerned that his liver was enlarged and so they sent him to the local hospital. The doctor’s decided to admit him for a few days to complete follow-up tests.

At 3.15 on Sunday afternoon, we were told that he had cancer that had spread to his liver and kidneys and at 07.40 on Monday morning, he was pronounced dead.
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The Best of MightWar: 2014 Edition

Welcome to the annual “Best of MightWar” post.

We are going into the archives to rediscover the posts that resonated with us this past year.

It’s a chance for you to catch up on something you might have missed.

Or if you’re new to the site, it provides a little taste of what you might bump into whilst wandering around here.
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Freshly Pressed Wheelchair

Sex and the Wheelchair - mightwar L ast week, the Sex and the Wheelchair post discussed some of my thoughts on maintaining sexual relationships in times of disability and/or chronic illness.
This week, I have been struggling with my health, so I haven’t been able to moderate the site.
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Endure. Breathe. (Repeat)

I woke up sobbing.
With a loud cry forced out between twisted lips; and tears pushing themselves past closed lids, I came fully awake.

4.00am. Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

The day I was finally broken.


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