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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


Unexpected Interactions

There is a delight in observing how people interact with their environment that has had me enjoying the act of ‘people watching’ for years.

Now that I am learning the art of photography, I find myself trying to capture such moments with the lens; seeing if I can translate them to film.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move


Journeying Home

This week’s challenge is to share our interpretation of “on the move”.

I chose this image as it is one of the few photos I’ve managed to capture where the motion is intended.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


Tactile Visions

Back in 2005, I finally got to see the Sydney Opera House in person. Only to discover that it looked nothing like I’d understood it to look from photos and the TV.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Font de la Granota

Child at Play

Whenever I visited my sister in Barcelona (Spain), I would regularly pass by the ‘Font de la Granota’ (Fountain of the Frog) on the corner of Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer de Còrsega.

Sculpted by Josep Campeny i Santamaria (1858 – 1922), the font depicts a boy lying on a riverbank holding a frog.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


Elvis Lives

One of the things I love most about London is the number of free festivals, fairs and events that are held all year round. They are a marvellous opportunity to meet a broad range of people and have fun times without any serious planning.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This Is London

This Is London


“I am enough in and of myself to be marvellous. For I have but a single purpose: to lift people above the ground and offer them a different perspective of their landscape.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Sculpture on Lily Pond

Sculpture on Lily Pond

This photo was taken at the City Botanic Gardens (Brisbane, Australia). The water was hidden by the proliferation of lily pads, but I like how the man’s posture reflects that of the birds beside him. It’s as if at any moment, the three of them will jump out of the water and take to the skies.
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