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I have become a bedtime letch: a groping, many-limbed thing that smothers you with caresses and disturbs you as you settle to bed; climbing over and around you for indeterminate periods of time before finally snuggling into the soft point in your neck, placing my lips a little lower down and falling into a quiet slumber.
And it is customary that I do this now: I must perform this little ritual nightly else I am unable to sleep peacefully.
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Recipe for Disaster

Less than you would have liked
preparation time

18 months to 1 infinity
cooking time

Serves: 1

Submitted by: Fuckerty Happens
From: The Good-Kicking Guide

Fuckerty Happens scores a
debilitating hat-trick with this
delectable human sponge
soaked in ailments and filled
with suffering.

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Vomit … and sh!t

Voice-over: Day 608 in the Sick Brother House, 6.32pm. might war (AKA Crip McWog™) is in the living room and on her fourth consecutive day of her vomit-thon. Over an hour ago, she started on her third retch of the day. She comes to the Diary Room to talk to Sick Brother …

Yes. I’m actually gonna dedicate a whole post to this topic. I’ve spent so much time vomiting, that I am gonna see how many words I can regurgitate on the subject matter (pun intended). I’m aware that it’s not a happy motif, but it is pretty forefront in my thoughts at the moment.

For those of you with sensitive stomachs, my apologies. Feel free to leave the room at any time. Better yet, grab a bin and join in – let’s make this a community event! 😉
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There are parts of ourselves that are so well known to us, that they become an essential part of defining who we are and how we feel about our person. 

My body … my physical self, is that to me.

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