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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


Playful Banter

It’s funny how we tend to focus on the differences between the many peoples that call this planet home. But when you travel, you catch glimpses of the many elements that are repeated from one group to another.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition


Quiet In The Midst Of The Storm

At a local music festival, all the children were ecstatic to find that the playground had been extended with items to run over, clamber, climb and swing on.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Font de la Granota

Child at Play

Whenever I visited my sister in Barcelona (Spain), I would regularly pass by the ‘Font de la Granota’ (Fountain of the Frog) on the corner of Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer de Còrsega.

Sculpted by Josep Campeny i Santamaria (1858 – 1922), the font depicts a boy lying on a riverbank holding a frog.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Child playing by glass fencing

In His Own World

I spotted this child in a local park where he was engrossed in skipping along the shadow line cast by the glass fencing. He was oblivious to all about as he sang his way along.
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Thoughts on Connecticut shootings

We are here again.
So soon, we are here again.
Another mass shooting.
Another place where many lost their lives for no reason than being present when someone else decided to release their rage on those around them.

It seems insufferable that such an incident could happen again.
That our hearts could be made to tremble so because one of us took up arms against their own, but forgot to notify the rest of us that we were at war.
How could this happen? Again?
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New Zealand ’03: October 12, 2003

Dear Sir and To Whom It May Concern –

I thank you for your delightful comments about the lyricism contained in my last correspondence with you all.  I must say that I was feeling the spirit of Wordsworth when I pieced that one together and hope to reach a similar pinnacle of verbiage at another point in my life.
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