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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


Wonder and Unease

Carousels, or Merry-Go-Rounds, have fascinated me for years: the odd accompanying music, the hidden speed of its spinning and the bright, colourful lights. But it has been the level of detail contained in these amusement ride contraptions that has always drawn my attention.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


Feeding on Colour

I’ve never been able to choose a favourite colour – I like them all too much. From the darkest through to the brightest, they are all represented throughout my wardrobe and always have been. And I wear them in combinations understandable only to my imagination and my mood … leading to some interesting outfits over the years.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Lion Door Knocker #1

Standing Guard

When I was in Siena, Italy earlier this year, this door made me stop in my tracks. Something about the rosy colour coupled with the texture of the wood and brass, just caught my breath.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

A Colourful Note

A Colourful Note

I found this touchable bit of colour in a gallery at a local shopping centre and loved its vibrancy. Something about the richness of the colour and the high shine was a temptation, but I obeyed the notices not to touch the display – just.
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