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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


Welcoming Face

This is the face that greets you when you arrive at Luna Park in Sydney (Australia). It is a rather striking (if somewhat disconcerting) welcome to a very lively fun-park.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


Wonder and Unease

Carousels, or Merry-Go-Rounds, have fascinated me for years: the odd accompanying music, the hidden speed of its spinning and the bright, colourful lights. But it has been the level of detail contained in these amusement ride contraptions that has always drawn my attention.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus #2

ruby rose

Food For The Soul

The Bank Holiday weekend provided an unexpected opportunity when I visited family out of town. I arrived to be met with a garden overflowing with colours and shapes that got me and the crutches outside to play with the camera.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Lion Door Knocker #1

Standing Guard

When I was in Siena, Italy earlier this year, this door made me stop in my tracks. Something about the rosy colour coupled with the texture of the wood and brass, just caught my breath.
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and-sh!t-section-header TW13

A Person, A Place, A Thing

The female lies slumped on the floor in a clumsy imitation of the recovery position. Dressed in an orange and black tiger print onesie of worn fleece with a rip in the left heel, her face is obscured by thick twists of black hair generously traced with ribbons of grey whose dripping ends flutter against the tensed jaw and rounded lips curling slightly away from even, gritted teeth through which passes a low, strangled, keening sound: its muted timbre and erratic rhythms reminiscent of chanting. Rounded shoulders push out the right arm at an awkward angle, highlighting the only visible hand with its ashen skin where multiple swellings push bloated surface into shiny, smooth peaks; and pulse as though on the cusp of bursting.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Detail of a Wooden Door

Detail of a Wooden Door

I came across this door to a restaurant on my travels. I was drawn to the age and wear that that seemed to emanate from it and had an overwhelming urge to just touch it. I wondered about the stories that it could tell: about the people that passed by it throughout the day and the ones lucky enough to walk through its entrance to eat at the expensively-laid tables within.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Bridge Walk (Sydney, Australia)

Bridge Walk

After spending months admiring it from the train window on my way to and from work, I finally got to spend an afternoon exploring the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia) with my camera. The bridge carries train, vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Central Business District and the North Shore of the city; and if you’re ever this way, it’s worth taking time to enjoy the structure in its own right.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Peacock Plumage

More Than Meets The Eye

This week, I have decided to attempt the Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme is “delicate” and I thought this close-up of a peacock’s feathering was a good fit. I am exploring delicate in its meaning of “very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality”. Let me know what you think.
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