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afterwords: Sex and the Wheelchair

Dear Lovely Peeps,

A couple of weeks ago, the Sex and the Wheelchair post discussed some of the thoughts that have arisen from getting horny again after years of chronic illness.

I knew it was a post that would seriously embarrass my wife – seeing as she has more decorum than I do.

And I knew that sex is not a subject that everyone is comfortable discussing.

However, I went ahead and published the post because the matter has been in my thoughts; and I have been very surprised by the response that it has received.
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Sex and the Wheelchair

Sex and the Wheelchair - mightwar

I want to fuck my wife.

Yep, I said it. I want to fuck my wife.

In fact, I’d prefer to be doing that rather than writing this post. But unfortunately, no can do.

And that’s the problem right there.
I realise that many of you are now hurriedly backing away from your screens at this point, but I really need to talk about this.


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Ultimate Night Out

Ultimate Power - Phil Collins t-shirt 

Friday night: official start to the weekend. And this Friday Ladies and Gentlemen, I joined the thousands of people crowding the London streets for a well deserved night of clubbing. That’s right, little crippled me!

In March, having become a little fed up of being basically housebound, I set myself the task of attending a normal, social activity (I don’t care what anyone says, medical appointments do NOT count as “going out”!). So Friday night found me at the Electric Ballroom in Camden with my sisters and some friends, enjoying Ultimate Power.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? You are seriously missing out, matey!
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A Person, A Place, A Thing

The female lies slumped on the floor in a clumsy imitation of the recovery position. Dressed in an orange and black tiger print onesie of worn fleece with a rip in the left heel, her face is obscured by thick twists of black hair generously traced with ribbons of grey whose dripping ends flutter against the tensed jaw and rounded lips curling slightly away from even, gritted teeth through which passes a low, strangled, keening sound: its muted timbre and erratic rhythms reminiscent of chanting. Rounded shoulders push out the right arm at an awkward angle, highlighting the only visible hand with its ashen skin where multiple swellings push bloated surface into shiny, smooth peaks; and pulse as though on the cusp of bursting.
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Retirement 101


used to be the default retirement age in the UK, but this has been phased out and most people can now work for as long as they want to. However, 65 is generally what people still consider to be the retirement age.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, retirement is “when you leave your job and stop working, usually because you are old” or “the period in someone’s life after they have stopped working because they reached a particular age”. No matter where I look to research the subject, I am surrounded by images of older people living it large. Yeah, retirement is really associated with age.
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Spastic … and sh!t

I already know that my title for this post will cause some controversy. But I draw your attention back to the opening paragraphs of my blog, and I quote:

Some of the words I have written here will hurt those who matter: and for that, I am sorry.
But I cannot lie about what I feel when I write for myself.

These words record a part of my self that I wish to remember. And so I continue to write: in the hope that in time, my words will bring me to that point where everything is forgiven.

The bold text is added here as I wish to draw your attention to the most pertinent points.

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