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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


Anointed in Light

I’ve been a “morning person” from an early age: mainly because I’m usually awake long before any set alarm has started ringing. This over-eagerness to greet a new day has provided me with some wonderful experiences during my travels.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Sunrise on Doubtful Sound

Sunrise on Doubtful Sound


We chased the light along the water for hours;
watching clouds as they
presented a pageant of shifting forms:
a living example of change, impermanence and evolution.

The sun coloured the air with such tender shades, I felt
that I eavesdropped as it whispered a wondrous
dream to the earth.

– mightwar: Extract from travel journal

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting


Can You Guess What It Is Yet?

I had the pleasure of doing the overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound; a fjord in New Zealand. Morning broke to find me out on deck in my pyjamas and thermals trying to capture the sunrise on camera because I’d read somewhere that the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer depended on the time you get up and out there – and I felt inspired.
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