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Endure. Breathe. (Repeat)

I woke up sobbing.
With a loud cry forced out between twisted lips; and tears pushing themselves past closed lids, I came fully awake.

4.00am. Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

The day I was finally broken.


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Close Encounters: Part 1

The cargo plane’s propellers whirl: filling the hot air with a rhythmic throbbing and sending her hair streaming over her shoulder.

They stand before the aircraft’s open door: its shadowed interior a welcoming invitation to escape. But she has to resist. She cannot run from this. Cannot run from him.
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The Art of Healing

  has been 398 days since I started my adventures in blogging.

To celebrate the joy of discovering a new way to heal myself with words, I present this short film.


This piece was written and submitted as part of WordPress.com’s Weekly Writing Challenge. The writing challenges are designed to “help you to push your writing boundaries, show off your blogging chops, and, hopefully, spark more post ideas”. The posts should be specifically written in response to the challenge set.

This week’s challenge was to “celebrate and use the online tools we have and create a multimedia post”. You can see how other bloggers responded to the challenge, on Multimedia Storytelling.

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In Memoriam

I remember
… that my first impression of her was contained in the word “soft”. Something about her skin called to mind silkiness and begged to be touched. But those eyes; they let you know that you weren’t messing with no fool.
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I Am A Marvel

I am a marvel…

No really, I am.

Quiet there in the back, Zelda and Tsarina – I can hear you smirking and whispering examples from here.

This is not about me being big headed or anything, I am just acknowledging the wondrous creation that I am.


I was born to a people whose first blessing was in the colour of their skin. And my parents taught me to accept and love my colouring and to strive to live my dreams despite the restrictions that others would attempt to bind me with through it.

They gave me pride in my complexion then sent me out into the weird and wonderful places of the world: like Czechoslovakia (before they separated) – and Newcastle!
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