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… The First Step

September 18th, 2005

Mum & Dad
Dear Mum & Daddi,
As I age, I gain a clearer perception of you as people; a better understanding of the seriousness with which you undertook your role as parents; and a greater appreciation for the efforts you put into raising your children.
And now, as I sit writing this on the other side of the world from all I know, I am filled with wonder at the courage and the care you showed in your parenting: for I am here because of you.
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The Linguist

I don’t remember how old I was when my father began to teach me about the world. I only remember it as ‘something that has always been’.

Whereas other children climbed onto their father’s knee to be regaled with Alice’s adventures and other assigned age-appropriate reading material, I was given The Rise and Fall of the Human Empire – a lesson in the importance of being earnest.
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Dancing Naked ‘Round The Living Room

It saddens me a little that I did not know you in your first years. I would have liked to have seen you forming; to have been witness to the start of something so beautiful. But these things have been decided for us and are past. And in truth, I dwell on them only because it astounds me to remember that I have not always known you; to realize that I missed a part of your growing – for it does not feel that way to me.
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Letter to My 14-Year Old Self

Dear might war,

I am your older self. The self who can look back twenty-four years and see you as clearly as though you were stood by my side.

I am writing this letter as a creative writing exercise: a sort of test to see what I can come up with when given a fixed topic to write about.

I have started this letter several times already, as it didn’t seem right. I didn’t want to tell you too much as spoilers take away the joy of self discovery, but I also know that you promised never to lie to yourself about your experiences and your feelings – even if you hide them from others; so I have decided to speak to you about the things that matters.
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