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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


Feeding on Colour

I’ve never been able to choose a favourite colour – I like them all too much. From the darkest through to the brightest, they are all represented throughout my wardrobe and always have been. And I wear them in combinations understandable only to my imagination and my mood … leading to some interesting outfits over the years.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus #2

ruby rose

Food For The Soul

The Bank Holiday weekend provided an unexpected opportunity when I visited family out of town. I arrived to be met with a garden overflowing with colours and shapes that got me and the crutches outside to play with the camera.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

backlit leaf


I found this shot one evening in a pub garden; on a rare night that I had been able to meet up with an old friend. The plant drew my eye because of the way it had been lit from underneath.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


A Hint Of Spring

I do so like daffodils. There is something about their colour that trumpets the start of Spring and indicates the change of the season. With all the cold weather we have been experiencing, the daffodils have only just started blossoming: seeing them dancing in the breeze has just brightened my day.
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