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Imagined Spaces

For my children yet unborn, I have dreamed a place for you with my soul.

I have formed a strong foundation out of my very being and furnished it with the essence of all I believe to be good and true. And so I wish for you:
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Poetry Techniques


A crayon and a piece of paper.
A moment of stillness and a wealth of opportunity.

But what message to be emblazoned across this untouched landscape?

What theme to be scribbled and then smoothed into easy words?

What revelation to be rhymed and measured to fit?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Possum fur nipple warmers

For The Friend Who Has Everything

It’s funny, but when I saw these, a number of friends came to mind. What that says about me and my mates is anyone’s guess: but they’d make a great talking point right? Especially if said friend willingly modelled them for you.
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